Explain the importance of mold testing

Explain the importance of mold testing

It is necessary to test the plastic mold. The operator usually needs to evaluate the specific situation of the mold to avoid unnecessary cost and time during the modification of the mold. The evaluation also includes the setting of machine process parameters. In order to make up for the shortcomings in mold design, the operator may make incorrect settings without knowing it. The production and operation process of the equipment is abnormal, because the parameter setting range required to produce qualified products is very small.Once there is any slight deviation in the parameter setting, the quality of the final product may far exceed the allowable error range. The resulting actual production costs are often much higher than the costs incurred by prior optimization of the mold.
The defects of the molded products are caused in the plasticizing and injection stages, but sometimes are also related to the inappropriate design of the mold. The possible influencing factors include: the number of mold cavities. The design of the cold / hot runner system, the type, position and size of the injection port, and the structure of the product itself, in order to avoid product defects caused by mold design, we need to design the mold and mold process parameters when making the mold For analysis.
The purpose of the trial mold is to find out the optimized process parameters and mold design. Even if factors such as materials, machine settings, or environment have changed, it is still possible to produce a stable and uninterrupted mass production environment, not just to obtain a good sample. this point is very important.
The basic steps of the test mode: set the temperature of the barrel. The initial barrel temperature setting must be based on the material supplier’s recommendation. The same materials of different manufacturers and different brands may have considerable differences, and material suppliers often have quite in-depth research and understanding of their own materials. Users can make basic settings according to their recommendations, and then make appropriate fine-tuning according to specific production conditions.

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