Essential Elements for Electronic Products Plastic Mold Processing

Essential Elements for Electronic Products Plastic Mold Processing

Electronic product plastic mold injection manufacturers, as the name implies, are professional manufacturers of plastic molds for plastic parts shell mold processing and injection molding of electronic products. Electronic products are related products based on electrical energy, which can be said to be innumerable, such as telephones, televisions, DVD players (VCD, SVCD, DVD), video recorders, camcorders, radios, tape recorders, etc., which are commonly used in our lives. Combination speakers, CD players, computers, mobile communication products, etc. are all electronic products.

Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory is a professional plastic mold manufacturer specializing in mold design and manufacturing, precision two-color injection and molding, spray screen printing, and sales. The fields of cooperation are: electronic digital, handheld devices, three-proof mobile phone shells, Medical equipment, smart wearables and other products.

During the injection molding process of plastics, due to the volume change caused by crystallization, the pressure during injection molding is high, the viscosity difference of the molten material is small, the shear stress between the layers is small, and the elastic rebound after demolding is large Therefore, the shrinkage of the injection molding process can also be reduced by an appropriate amount. During the injection molding process, the material temperature is high and the shrinkage is large, but its directionality is small.

When the pressure is increased during pressure injection molding, the molten material is greatly sheared and the fluidity will increase, especially PE and POM are more sensitive, so the pressure during injection molding should be adjusted to control the fluidity during molding. During molding, the material temperature, mold temperature, pressure during injection processing, injection speed and other factors can also be adjusted to properly adjust the filling conditions to meet the molding needs.

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