Direct method for making molds and indirect method

Direct method for making molds and indirect method

1. Make molds by direct method

The direct method is to use the rapid prototyping system to directly make the mold, mainly refers to the use of SLA, LOM, SLS rapid prototyping technology to directly manufacture the mold.

2. Making molds by indirect method

The indirect method is to first make a master mold, usually established by the rapid prototyping system, and then make the mold from such master mold.

Soft materials such as wax, silicone rubber, epoxy resin, and polyurethane are poured on the rapid prototyping master mold to obtain soft molds;
On the rapid prototyping master mold, electroplating, spraying, sintering metal or ceramic, so as to obtain a hard mold. Combine with precision casting to produce metal parts, and then make molds.

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