Defects of wire cutting machine in current plastic mold processing


Plastic mold processing Our company has two wire cutting machines, the models of which are 90CR and FX-10K respectively. In the current situation: the main defects in plastic mold processing are as follows:

  • 1. The verticality of the Z-axis is easy to make. The CR90 Z-axis movement method is manual. When the locking force is different, the verticality will be different twice before and after. FX-10K is an electric method, but it moves on the XY axis. The process will also change, more than 0.01 when the situation is serious.
  • 2. Opposite. The score is inaccurate. The size of the workpiece measured during the score is 0.01 larger than the measurement data and more than 0.01 smaller than the measurement data. There are also those that match the detection data. It is good to look at the sparks when looking for it. The detection position is not accurate after the workpiece is processed.Defects of wire cutting machine in current plastic mold processing
  • 3. The X and Y axis steps are inconsistent. For all the cut workpieces, the increase and decrease of the X and Y axis values ​​are not the same and are often greater than 5μm.
  • 4. When performing large taper (above 100), fine repair is more difficult, the line is easy to break or it can’t be repaired at all.
  • 5. The discharge capacity of the two machines is relatively large. When the mold core is used for the mold core, the mold core is easy to rely on a groove, especially when the verticality is corrected, the verticality can be consumed. Because the verticality is searched every time, the verticality meter There is only one more trace on the top, and now the verticality calibrated on the vertical meter is not very accurate.
  • 6. The CR machine has serious corner collapse and no corner control circuit. It is difficult to make the outer corners sharp and the inner corners cannot be clear.
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