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Reasonable mold design is mainly reflected in the molding quality (appearance quality and dimensional stability) of plastic products. Safe and reliable, easy to maintain. The injection molding cycle is short and the service life is long. In addition to a reasonable mold manufacturing process in design, it should also pay attention to the following aspects:

  • 1. When starting a mold design, you should consider several options, measure the advantages of each procedure, and then choose one. Take advantage of the re-replicated mold.
  • 2. In the design, consider the similar drawings of the previous design and draw lessons from the experience.
  • 3. The injection system, ejection system, parting surface selection and mold structure were analyzed.
  • 4. Read some Chinese and foreign books about plastic mold design for yourself, increase your knowledge from it, pay attention to some of your situations in mold manufacturing and use, and analyze it.

The tonnage and model of the injection molding machine produced by the customer. This confirmation is not good, you can not confirm the entrance diameter of your mold gate sleeve and the diameter of the positioning ring, the size and position of the ejection hole, even the size of the mold frame, the height of the mold and so on. You have worked hard to design a good mold structure. You also have a sense of accomplishment. The mold cannot be produced by the customer. The thickness of the mold does not match the customer’s injection molding machine. The customer will not accept your design. Good mold, it is estimated that you will cry and cry.
Analyze product issues, product lineage, product materials and shrinkage.

Don’t take it for granted that the plastic shrinkage of abs must be 0.5%. This must be confirmed with the customer. It is necessary to know the final material grade used for production and whether any modified materials are added. When conditions permit, it is best to be familiar with the assembly relationship of the product and the use of the product, which is very helpful for the design of the mold structure in the future. Because you understand this, you know which are appearances and which are non-appearances. Which draft angle can be easily increased and which area cannot be changed. Even if the structure of some products is included, if you understand the actual assembly relationship and use of the product, you also know which reverse structures can be cancelled or changed to another simple form.

It is important to remember that the process of making molds is a process that simplifies complex problems. I am always proud to see how complicated this structure is for some people. I feel very ignorant. Because many product engineers may design some unreasonable structures based on their own experience, if they cannot be corrected as a downstream process, they may always think that the design is possible. Then the progress of our product designers will be very slow. As shown in the figure below, the position of the slanted top, our mold designers must not put forward product design considerations.

Design Basis

Dimensional accuracy and correctness of related dimensions:Mold design program
Reasonable mold design is mainly reflected in the molding quality (appearance quality and dimensional stability) of plastic products. Safe and reliable, easy to maintain. The injection molding cycle is short and the service life is long.

With this information, we can design the mold.

The first is the segmentation model. This process is estimated to be a process that everyone likes. Because of a sense of accomplishment. The principle of stretching an outline is simple, that is, it can be stretched without scanning, or using other advanced commands. Second, when you want to pull information, you need to have a big picture. Try to simplify the parting surface. Don’t do it. If it is not a precision mold, you can avoid 0.1 to 0.5 insertion. In addition, the parting surface must follow a principle, that is, follow the product trend as much as possible.

The parting surface made in this way will be more conducive to the assembler to pay for the model.
When using ug software. It is important to remember that the principle of each command is understandable, and you know when the command can be used. It is very important not to use software many times, but you will not learn to use software. The same command, experienced people will have a variety of flexible usage, which is most obvious in ug. In short, what matters is the concept, not the tool itself. When making parting surfaces, you only need to know that the angle of the insertion surface can be large, the area of ​​the collision surface can be large, and the width of the pillow can be wide.

It is necessary to fully consider the parting surface you are pulling now. After the real mold is made in the future, the master who is in charge of flying molds in the workshop will not be jealous of you. If you do n’t feel embarrassed, then okay, go ahead, when you are really paralyzed in the future, this is your experience

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