Causes Of Air Bubbles In Plastic Injection Molds

Causes Of Air Bubbles In Plastic Injection Molds
  • 1. Defects in the plastic injection mold design cause bubbles in the injection mold
  • 2. The parting surface of the injection plastic mold lacks the necessary exhaust holes or the exhaust holes are insufficient, blocked, poorly positioned, and there are no processing gaps such as inserts and thimble to exhaust, causing the air in the cavity to not enter the plastic Leave at the same time.
  • 3. If the surface roughness of the injection mold is poor, the friction resistance is large, causing local hot spots, and the decomposition of the passing plastic will also cause bubbles to appear.

Of course, equipment, process, raw materials and other reasons, so every process in the production process of injection molds needs to be very careful, try to avoid the occurrence of bubbles in the injection mold, and reduce the defect rate in the production process.

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