Why can’t the price of a plastic mold factory be easily told to others


Plastic mold factory suppliers will ask this question during the process of cooperation: how do you give others the mold process, just tell me. This is very embarrassing. If the plastic mold factory discloses internally, it will affect the internal price adjustment. Therefore, the price cannot be disclosed by the supplier.

Let’s talk about the customers of the plastic mold factory. When they meet some customers who are more anxious, they will always ask directly, how much is the price of such a set of molds, and the price you said is right, we will directly ask you to open the mold. At this time, we What should we do? At this time, we cannot say that customers are unprofessional. We need to explain to customers carefully. The quotation of plastic molds needs to be based on the customer’s order quantity and the required service life of the mold. The quality of the mold steel, the requirements for plastic materials, and the details of the 3D drawing design run-in, after some explanation, the customer can understand it.

Whether it is a supplier or a customer, a plastic mold factory should abide by the company’s confidentiality agreement internally, and no matter how strong the relationship is, it cannot disclose company secrets. Not divulging is for everyone to have a better partnership.

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