Customized bracelet by plastic mold factory


Plastic mold factories generally experience product trapping when doing smart wear. In this case, temporary optimization cannot be performed by artificial stickers and exhaust air. This will damage the mold and shorten the life of the mold, and the production loss is also large. . Let PTJ Plastic Mold Factory give you an in-depth discussion below.

It is difficult for plastic mold factories to make smart wearable products, so they need to avoid using oiling to mold out, which is inefficient and unstable. The production loss is large and the profit is naturally very low or even at a loss: As for the peripheral cloak of the product, the alcohol lamp burned product cannot be processed in the form of lamp burn. The appearance of the product is easy to shine and cannot meet the customer’s quality requirements.

If you choose a plastic mold manufacturer for smart wear, you need to be able to evaluate what kind of steel to use in the early quotation stage, the correct positioning method of the mold, and the process of production, so as to avoid and reduce the injection stage and unconventional mold ejection. The production efficiency is low and the loss is large, and the delivery is bleak.

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