What is mold removal maintenance?


Every plastic mold factory, whether it is a trial production mold or a production mold, needs this process of repair and maintenance of the lower mold, so what is the maintenance of mold removal? What should be paid attention to? Today, Botena Plastic Mould Factory will give you some popular science.

When disassembling the mold, the plastic mold factory should avoid bumps and water. The movement should be stable, and the hot mold should be sprayed with a small amount of release agent; the plastic mold should be comprehensively inspected, and rust-proof treatment should be carried out, and the cavity and mold should be carefully dried. Moisture and debris in the core, ejector mechanism, and row position, and spray mold anti-rust agent and grease. In addition to production and maintenance, there is also mold repair and maintenance, both of which are to reduce mold loss and increase output.

Every detail of the mold optimization process of the plastic mold factory needs to be more cautious to avoid mold scrap and damage due to improper mold repair links.

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