To better receive plastic mold orders


The plastic mold factory can not relax some work after the mold is successfully mass-produced in order to better receive the return order. For the details that are easily overlooked by the manufacturing industry like the plastic mold factory, today the PTJ editor will share the technology.

The plastic mold factory cannot do less maintenance after the mass production of the mold is smooth. Whether it is a mold in mass production or a sufficient number of orders, small maintenance during the manufacturing process and long-term maintenance of the mold should be cautious to avoid mold production due to work omissions. Rust, the surface of the product changes, and the quality cannot be made worse and worse. Even if the customer does not trouble you and enters the market, it will affect the return of orders.

Plastic mold factories need to follow up in time for problems that have been complained by customers, and effectively verify the timeliness and reliability of the solution to the problem, so that the problem can be completely avoided, and the production of invalid working hours can be reduced, while making customers more satisfied and returning orders More.

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