The key to the balance of cold and warm molds


Many people distinguish molds as hardware, plastic, rubber, silicone, etc., but also in the category of plastic molds, such as cold and warm molds. The difference between the two lies in the cooling factor and temperature control. Today Botenner Plastic molds will tell you what are the key factors in the balance between the two.

There are many factors that affect the cooling of plastic molds: the shape and parting surface design, the type, temperature, flow rate of the cooling medium, the geometric parameters and spatial arrangement of the cooling pipe, the mold material, the melt temperature, the ejection temperature required by the plastic part and the mold Temperature, thermal cycle interaction between plastic parts and molds, etc.

No matter how the temperature control of the plastic mold is controlled, it is necessary to ensure that the surface temperature of the plastic mold is uniform, the cooling time is appropriate, and the molding cycle is stable, so that the temperature of the plastic mold can be controlled well, so that the surface appearance of the plastic product is uniform and uniform. Dimensionally stable.

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