Carefully study plastic molds to produce quality products


When making smart wearable molds, plastic mold factories must pay attention to product trapping. The mold uses artificial stickers and exhaust air to perform temporary optimization, which will damage the mold and shorten the life of the mold. The loss of production is as great. Now PTJ Plastic Mould Factory will give you an example.

When making smart wearable molds, plastic mold factories need to avoid using oil to mold when it is difficult to mold the product. Low efficiency, large production loss, and poor product appearance, naturally low profits or even losses. Plastic product cloaks cannot be processed in the form of lamp burning, alcohol lamp burning products, the appearance of the product is easy to shine, and it cannot meet the customer’s quality requirements.

If the plastic mold factory does a good job in smart wear, it needs to have the correct positioning method of the mold and the process operation of the production, so as to avoid and reduce the injection stage. Unconventional mold production has low efficiency, large loss and poor delivery ability in the morning. . Affect the normal appearance of your products to the big market.

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