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We use mobile phones or computers to type every day. So familiar with Remember Typing, right? But have you ever heard of the “Remember Tuning Machine” commonly used by quality personnel and adjusters of plastic mold manufacturers? Everyone knows to do a line of love, what kind of love is a true line of love? In fact, the key point of Ai’s party is to understand her and observe her in depth. Next, PTJ plastic mold manufacturer will tell you what is Lenovo tuning.

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First, let’s make a brief summary. PTJ Plastic Mould Factory will come over and elaborate on the “Lenovo Thinking” tuning machine based on the following points. Adjust shrinkage: After adjusting the shrinkage of the product, we must observe whether the appearance of the product has changed or whether it has become larger. Common abnormal phenomena after adjustment and shrinkage are: peripheral drawing die/size is too large/buckle position deformation/product surface gloss becomes dull/thimble seal bone position mark is obvious/large breakage after assembly. There are often problems when adjusting the size to be too large: the size is too small / the surface of the product is darkened / the glue is uneven / the surface of the product is shrunk / the gap is large.

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Whether plastic mold manufacturers make housing products larger or smaller, what kind of problems do we have to think about? What kind of problems will appear when it becomes smaller? With this kind of thinking, an extra layer of prevention and avoidance of abnormal production is also provided, which reduces the occurrence of defective batches.

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