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I believe that the injection mold factory that often does external orders will have a deep impression of the date stamp and the internal code LOGO of the product. First, let’s talk about the importance of the next date chapter. The date stamp presents the cnc manufacturing date and month of the product in the form of a clock. In this way, the injection mold factory can quickly trace the production date when a problem occurs, which is also a layer of foolproof and guarantee for quality. The logo of the product is like a person’s name. There can be no mistakes, so the logo insert of the product cannot be installed in the opposite direction.

Environmental label or product description. There is a remark environmental protection mark or product description type code inside the mold shell, which needs to be printed to meet a customer’s demand. This problem only needs to be confirmed with the injection mold factory in the early stage. When is the normal process production after OK, when should special attention be paid? If the word code is high-gloss and the product has lines, then it is especially easy to appear when the product is sun-dried. When sun-dried, put the highlight position and don’t give the sun a pattern.

Therefore, the quality of the injection mold factory is not good. The quality of injection molding must prevent the errors of the mold room, the errors of the injection molding, the errors of the PMC scheduling plan, and the various things that they need for their own first parts. The details. Manufacturers can smoothly deliver products to customers.

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