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Plastic mold manufacturing was successfully delivered. In addition to the proceduralization, the documents that everyone knows, and more importantly, the tiny details of the product inspection itself are the weapon for escorting quality. Regarding how plastic mold manufacturers can control how to smoothly deliver high-quality products to customers, the editor of Botenner will give you some examples of knowledge points.

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Plastic mold manufacturing and shipping inspection Before the finished product is shipped, it is necessary to conduct strict sampling inspections for the abnormalities that have occurred during the manufacturing process. For the plastic shell material of the product after the process, from the appearance, size, assembly, and flatness of the product , Perform another review to avoid plastic OK, abnormal shapes after the process, and poor assembly of the whole machine.

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In addition to the performance assembly of the product, the manufacturing of plastic molds also conducts risk assessment for products that have special packaging. For example, the protective mold of high-gloss products needs to be prepared for high temperature prevention to avoid protective mold marks on products that are not resistant to high temperatures. , TPU soft rubber products, the inventory needs to put a desiccant to avoid regaining moisture and causing product surface imprints. Only when the hidden danger assessment is in place can we deliver good products to customers.

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