Plastic mold factory only do “top system” for you


There are many plastic mold manufacturers in Shenzhen, but there are not many who can make private molds exclusively. Although PTJ’s quotation is higher than its peers, it is equally popular. The reason is that before accepting 3D drawings, it will sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer to avoid customer solutions Outflow, PTJ Plastic Mold Factory will try its best to reduce the risk of theft of customer solutions.

The difference between Botena plastic mold manufacturers and mold manufacturers is the difference between selling and not selling shell materials. This is also the reason why more and more customers choose to only look for private mold customization. Private mold property rights are only available to customers on the client side. The property rights of workmanship in the plastic mold factory greatly increase the competitiveness of the customers themselves, which is a partner and a competitor.

PTJ Plastic Mould Factory’s custom-made molds range from appearance to craftsmanship, as well as the scarcity of sales channels, which is conducive to starvation marketing to stimulate consumption. This is also the reason why more and more customers are looking for private mold manufacturers to design molds.

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