Mold opening knowledge in plastic mold factory


If you choose a plastic mold factory, do you understand the specific mold customization process? As a plastic mold factory with strong production capacity, PTJ is worthy of your conviction from the quality of the mold to the quality of the shell. During the mold opening process, PTJ will set up an efficient mold opening program according to your customized needs. , Support customized drawings and samples.

Let’s first talk about the custom mold opening process of PTJ Plastic Mold Factory: find the manufacturer you like → communicate with the factory staff about your custom requirements → quote → confirm cooperation → sign the contract → review details → mold opening production → T0 confirmation sample → correct After mass production → quality inspection to check the shell quality → shipment → home delivery. The professional and user-friendly mold customization is in the Botenner factory. If you want to know more details about mold opening, you can consult our customer service. Today we are talking about this.

You may wonder why so many plastic mold factories must choose PTJ? Shop around is something everyone knows. PTJ also recommends that you do more field trips so that you can understand which ones are really powerful and which ones are just boasting on the Internet.

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