Sports earphone mold shell


Hot summer or heavy rain can’t stop the enthusiasm of customers. In the past two days, PTJ Plastic Mould Factory moved, and customers can’t wait to visit during the relocation. Mr. Shen and Ms. Liang from Guangzhou came here today to discuss cooperation matters.

The online understanding of the professional equipment and technical team of PTJ Plastic Mold Factory’s headset mold customization is only a preliminary understanding. We met offline. After the company’s business director’s physical reference of the past sports headset mold shells, we saw that Botenner customized Bluetooth headset molds 13 At the same time, the requirement of details in the year of the year is higher than the market level, so I feel more at ease. Talking about it, I decided on the sports headset mold cooperation project.

Shenzhen PTJ Plastic Mould Factory has a complete industrial chain. Over the years, the company has been learning with a humble attitude. In order to link the market and better serve customers, it has made good molds down-to-earth. The craftsmanship and dedication of precision manufacturing have won new and old Customers’ praise!

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