Quotation strategy and settlement method of mold processing

Quotation strategy and settlement method of mold processing

The quotation and settlement of mold processing is the continuation and result of the mold evaluation. From the evaluation of the mold to the quotation of the mold, the settlement price of the final mold is formed through the settlement after the mold is manufactured and used.

The quotation sorted into molds is the basis for signing the mold processing contract. After repeated negotiations and negotiations, the mold price agreed by both parties was finally formed and the contract was signed. In order to officially start the processing of the mold.

Mold valuation and quotation, quotation and mold price

After the mold is evaluated, it cannot be used as a quotation immediately. When the negotiated quotation of the mold is lower than 10% of the estimated value, it is necessary to re-evaluate the mold and refine the estimate. When the capital preservation is guaranteed, the mold processing contract is signed and the mold price is finally determined. The mold price is the price approved by both parties and signed on the contract.

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