General process of mold manufacturing

General process of mold manufacturing

1. Mold price

After receiving an inquiry for a sample or drawing from a customer, the mold manufacturer shall organize relevant engineers to conduct drawing review and preliminary quotation.

2. Points for attention in customer drawing review

The material, size and structure of the mold product, the customer’s requirements for the mold material and the heat treatment process. The better the material, the higher the price. In particular, it is necessary to analyze its structure from the perspective of the mold, whether it needs a three-plate mold, the number of molds, the form of water entry, the core-pulling structure (oblique top, row structure), cooling system, mold opening and closing system, ejection structure, etc. The more complex the structure, the higher the cost of the mold. In addition, from the perspective of simplifying the mold structure, saving costs, improving mold production efficiency, and mold life, the mold designer is obliged to advise customers to change certain structural details for the structure of the product

3. Analysis of mold quotation

First of all, it depends on the customer’s requirements, because the requirements determine the choice of materials and heat treatment process. Choose a good material, draw out a rough mold plan, and the cost of heat treatment. The processing cost depends on the complexity of the mold core, and the processing cost is generally the price of the mold core material. Mold price = material fee + design fee + processing fee and profit + value added tax + trial fee + packaging and transportation fee

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