Compare rotomolded steel sheet mold with aluminum mold

Compare rotomolded steel sheet mold with aluminum mold

Everyone knows the process of rotomolding, and the application fields of rotomolding are also very wide. Nowadays, rotomolding products can be used in many aspects. The model is good. Personally, I think it mainly depends on the product decision. Let ’s talk briefly about it.

Compared with the rotomolded aluminum mold, which is more suitable for the rotomolding process, this has always been a topic of controversy in the rotomolding industry. In ther is for the mold manufacturer, not an objective and correct result. Some people may ask, is it a good aluminum mold or a steel plate mold? I can only say, for example, if you are going to buy a pair of shoes, do you thinis regard, I think this is a meaningless and meaningless dispute. If there is really a result, I think that this answk sports shoes or leather shoes are better? Of course, only the one that suits you is the best. We will choose different types of shoes according to personal preferences or uses. Then the debate about the superiority of rotomolded steel molds and aluminum molds can come to an end. It seems that there is only one answer, as long as it is suitable, it is the best. Therefore, at the beginning of the mold development, your objective, correct and rational choice is the most important.

At the beginning of the development of rotomolding products, according to the characteristics of the products to be developed, we still have to carefully consider what type of rotomolding mold to choose. This is very important. Here are some knowledge about rotomolding steel mold and aluminum mold for your reference.

Pros and cons of rotomolding aluminum mold:

In terms of production process, rotomolded aluminum molds are divided into cast aluminum molds and aluminum plate engraving molds. The former is a traditional process, and the process flow is roughly drawing → wooden mold making → resin mold → casting → finishing. The latter is a product of the digital age. It is formed by a CNC machining center at one time, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance and precise size. The disadvantage is that the size of the mold is required, and large-scale rotomolding molds cannot be made. Cast aluminum molds and aluminum plate carving molds use cast aluminum or aluminum alloys as the material. In theory, due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminum, rotomolded aluminum molds should have good heat transfer during the forming process to save energy, but because of aluminum The reason for the strength is that the average thickness of the rotomolded aluminum mold is more than 10mm. Therefore, the advantages that the rotomolded aluminum mold should have are greatly reduced. On the contrary, the rotomolding cycle is relatively longer compared to the rotomolded steel mold . In addition, due to the increased thickness of the aluminum mold, the overall weight of the mold is relatively large, which causes a certain burden on the rotational molding opportunity. Moreover, due to the characteristics of aluminum, the maintenance of rotomolded aluminum molds is a more troublesome thing.

Compared with aluminum molds, the appearance of steel plate molds is much later. It has evolved from the automobile sheet metal mold process, and the technology is not mature. This is also one of the reasons why rotomolded steel plate molds are not favored by the industry. Even so, the rotomolded steel mold has many advantages that are not found in rotomolded aluminum molds.

  • 1. Price advantage: In addition to the extremely small rotomolding molds, medium-sized molds, if the steel plate mold is selected for production, the mold cost can be saved by at least one third.
  • 2. Compared with aluminum molds, steel plate molds are easy to modify, maintain and maintain.
  • 3. The use of steel plate mold, because the wall thickness of the steel plate mold is only 2.5 or 3.0mm, in the rotomolding process, the powder melting time will be shortened, to a certain extent, reduce energy consumption
  • 4. Adopt the combination of traditional technology and numerical control technology, can also produce accurate rotomolding molds. In the rotomolding industry, the application of steel plate molds is still quite extensive. I think, with the development of rotomolding technology and practitioners in the rotomolding industry, the application of steel molds is still quite extensive. I think, with the development of rotomolding technology and the improvement of practitioners’ understanding of rotomolding steel molds, the application of steel molds will usher in a new climax of demand.
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