Regional characteristics of China’s hardware and electromechanical market


China’s hardware industry belt has formed a strategy of nationwide development with the three main centers of Zhejiang industry, Guangdong industry and Jiangsu industry. How to promote the further development of the integration process of China’s hardware regional market and the strong cooperation between regional markets? The formation of complementary advantages and the overall improvement of the competitiveness of the hardware industry are issues that we need to think about! Therefore, it is the only way to promote the long-term and healthy development of the hardware industry by concentrating the advantageous resources of the major hardware production areas, conducting vigorous integration, and enhancing the overall competitiveness of the production areas. Guangdong is the main production area in South China. There are many industrial cluster markets, such as Guangdong (Guangfo) Electromechanical Hardware City, Zhongshan Hardware Industrial City, Dongguan Chang’an Mould Hardware Plaza, China (Dongguan) International Hardware Electromechanical Procurement Expo City and other large hardware and electromechanical markets , And gradually formed a radiating extension to neighboring provinces. The neighboring province Guangxi took advantage of the opportunity of the ASEAN Free Trade Area to vigorously develop the circulation field, and Nanning Dongbo International Hardware & Electrical City also developed rapidly. Through the radiating role of the Pearl River Delta industry, the hardware and electromechanical markets in Yunnan and Fujian have also developed rapidly.

Guangdong hardware industry has developed rapidly in recent years, forming a relatively complete industry category such as tool hardware, daily-use hardware, electromechanical hardware, stainless steel hardware, abrasive hardware, etc., and has formed a large number of distinctive industrial bases, such as Zhongshan Xiaolan Locks , Yangjiang Knives, etc. Zhongshan Xiaolan has formed an industry group with locks and gas appliances as the leader, complete upstream and downstream products and various accessories. It has a high domestic market share and is exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. Awarded the title of “China Hardware Products Export Base” by the China Hardware and Chemical Exporters Association.

At present, the multi-center cluster effect of Guangdong’s hardware and stainless steel industry has taken shape, with fierce market competition and strong peers. Jieyang’s hardware and stainless steel products companies can only remain invincible only by constantly reviewing themselves, looking to the future, relying on the traditional resources, technology flow and development awareness of hardware and stainless steel products formed over the years, and being brave to innovate. Development must focus on “extending the industrial chain, implementing brand strategy, advancing technological innovation, increasing investment promotion, and fostering leading enterprises”, facing the increasingly fierce market competition and the tremendous impact brought by China’s entry into the WTO, and continuously enhancing international competition force. We must have accurate strategic positioning, dynamic environment, strong geographical shock, and unique industrial spirit. We must pay full attention to the cultivation and protection of independent brands, enhance the company’s technological development and innovation capabilities, and better participate in the internationalization of the industry go with.

Guangdong’s Guangfo Hardware City, with its strong manufacturing industry and huge consumption power in the Pearl River Delta, has played a major role in the logistics base of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware Chamber of Commerce, and quickly built a booming market, becoming a major attraction in the industry; Guangdong Guangfo International Electromechanical Hardware City is located in Huangqi, South China Sea, the bustling commercial west exit of Guangzhou. It is the only way to Western Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other provinces; it is adjacent to the intersecting Guangfo Expressway and Guangzhou Ring Expressway, with extremely convenient transportation and logistics environment. Uniquely blessed. Gathering hardware tools, mechanical equipment, construction plumbing, and construction hardware tools from all over the country, there is a wide variety of products, which can meet the needs of different customers and become a large hardware product wholesale market in Guangdong.

Nanning Dongbo International Hardware & Electrical City is a hardware, electrical and mechanical business platform that integrates business groups, production, marketing, information, and transactions, and shares information and benefits. With the acceleration of the construction of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, Nanning, as the frontier city of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and the core city of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, has the economic foundation, location advantages and environmental conditions for the development of international logistics and regional logistics. “Dongbo International” adheres to the goal of “based on Guangxi, backed by the whole country, and facing ASEAN”, gathering industry elites, introducing famous-brand enterprises, and casting leading hardware and electromechanical markets. In a short period of time, we are determined to build “Dongbo International” into a professional hardware and electromechanical market that combines tangible and invisible markets, and crosses physical transactions with e-commerce, and builds a Southeast Asian hardware and electromechanical logistics center that connects with ASEAN countries. The border will never end. Hardware and Electrical Exhibition.

The consensus of “Kunming Mingyun Hardware and Electrical Machinery Market has been concentrated under the Zhujiacun overpass”, “Buy hardware and electrical machinery under the Zhujiacun overpass”, this consensus has emerged among hardware and electrical purchasers across Yunnan, and continues to spread and expand The Zhujiacun overpass quickly became a geographical indication of the Yunnan hardware and electromechanical market, the origin of the coordinate of the large business circle of the Yunnan hardware and electromechanical market, and a milestone in the formation of the new pattern of the Yunnan hardware and electromechanical market.

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