Reasonable selection of mold materials must meet five major performance requirements

Reasonable selection of mold materials must meet five major performance requirements

Materials are very important for plastic molds.When selecting materials, molds must be selected according to the conditions of mold production and working conditions.The mold materials must meet five performance requirements: wear resistance, toughness, hardness, red hardness and processing The main conditions are, of course, the selection and application of mold materials is also very important and indispensable.
1. Wear resistance of mold materials: This is the most basic requirement for the use of molds. It requires a long mold life and high wear resistance. Under long-term working conditions, it maintains its dimensional accuracy and surface roughness to prevent early wear and tear failure.
2. Toughness of mold material: For cold-worked mold steel, toughness is an important performance index to prevent early cracking and fracture damage. While maintaining the high strength of the mold material, increase the toughness of the material as much as possible to achieve high strength and toughness.
3. The hardness and red hardness of the mold material: the working condition of the mold must maintain high hardness and strength, and maintain the size and shape of the mold. This is the main technical index of the mold material. For cold work die steel, the hardness is controlled at around HRC 60. For hot work die steel, because it works at high temperature, it is required to maintain its hardness and softening resistance at working temperature. This is red hardness, which is an important performance index of hot work die steel.
4. Machinability of the mold material: the machining performance of the mold, such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc. In general, due to the high carbon and high alloy composition of the mold material, the carbides and structures formed will bring certain processing performance It is necessary to improve the workability of mold materials by improving the structure of steel and heat treatment.
5. Selection and application of mold materials: Because of its many influencing factors, it has always been a difficult problem in mold design and manufacturing. The key to understanding, familiarizing, mastering and using mold materials is to master and use it.Familiar with the best performance of mold materials, which molds are suitable for production, understand the production conditions of a part, choose which mold material is most suitable, how to manufacture Use mold material to give full play to its best performance.

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