Paints needed in the process of plastic spraying

Paints needed in the process of plastic spraying

Unintelligible injection is the surface treatment of the product to make the product more special and visually more layered, as well as the hardness of the product and the feel of the touch.

With the constant changes of the times, the products produced in many industries are widely used in our lives. Take plastic injection, for example, after many R & D and production of plastic products need to be carried out Oil spraying, after the product is painted, is regarded as the complete effect of the whole product. So, what kind of paint do we need to use in the process of plastic injection? The following editor will take you to know.

  • 1: With epoxy powder coating, it is based on epoxy resin as the main material, add different = type of curing agent to make products with different properties and functions, to achieve plastic spraying production processing Plastic demand.
  • 2: Polyester powder coating, which can spray oil on some decorative products, anti-corrosion, physical mechanical products, has a very obvious effect, it is more suitable for spraying household electrical enclosures Wait.
  • 3: With the development of new materials for thermosetting fluororesin powder coatings, the main body of this coating has been improved into an alternating copolymer of fluoroolefin-alkyl alkenyl ether containing cross-linking reactive groups such as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups. Performance has also been further developed.
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