Inspection of injection molding machine mold protector

Inspection of injection molding machine mold protector

During the inspection of the mold protector of the injection molding machine, when the monitored plastic parts are used, the system takes the moving mold image after the mold is in place and compares it with the recorded standard image with the plastic part to extract the difference between the two to check the product. Are there any problems such as incompleteness and burrs?

Before the mold cavity is monitored, the system takes the image after demolding and compares it with the stored standard cavity image to check whether there are residual products on the mold and whether the mold inserts of the dehumidifier shell are in place.

Injection molding machine molds create plastic products with different shapes on the market. A complete set of injection molds must have a pouring system, a temperature adjustment system, molding parts and structural parts. Plastic products pass through such a complete mold system to achieve it. Perfect and precise form.

Different plastic products require different mold clamping times. The length of the mold clamping time depends on the size, thickness and structure of the product. Plastic products with small products, small thicknesses and simple structures require a short mold clamping time, and vice versa .The mold time will be longer. The precise mold clamping time is to enable the product to achieve better quality. Therefore, insufficient mold clamping time may cause the mold to fail to close.

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