Injection mold test steps

Injection mold test steps
  • One: Check whether the plastic is correct;
  • Two: The cleaning of the material tube should be thorough to prevent the bad degumming material or miscellaneous material from being injected into the mold
  • Three: Adjust the pressure and injection volume in order to produce a finished product with a satisfactory appearance. However, no flash is allowed.
  • Four: Wait patiently until the machine and mold stabilize
  • Five: The time for the screw to advance should not be shorter than the time for the gate plastic to solidify
  • Six: Measure continuous samples and record their important dimensions
  • Seven: Compare the measured dimensions of the mold samples
  • Eight: The processing time of plastic mold processing is longer to stabilize the temperature of the melted glue and the temperature of the hydraulic oil
  • Nine: individual corrections, it may be possible to readjust the mold filling rate and mold temperature in order to improve its uniformity
  • Ten: Check and modify the faults of the injection machine in order to obtain products that meet the quality standards.
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