Gate Design In Plastic Mold Processing

Gate Design In Plastic Mold Processing

Gate design in plastic mold processing

The flow is the shortest flow from the middle of the gate to the various parts of the rubber parts.

The choice of the position of the gate and the pouring form of the plastic parts will directly affect the quality of the plastic parts and the smoothness of the injection process. The location and form of the gate of the plastic parts should be analyzed and determined.

The setting principles of the plastic mold processing gate are as follows:

Ensure that the flow front of the rubber can reach the end of the cavity at the same time, and make its process to the shortest.

The gate should be fed from the thicker part of the wall first, so as to facilitate pressure maintenance and reduce pressure loss.

The stop is disconnected from the root of the cast film, which is convenient for cleaning the film film and pouring.

If there is a small core or insert in the cavity, the gate should avoid direct impact and prevent deformation.
The position of the gate should be in a position where the rubber parts are easy to remove, and the trimming is convenient, without affecting the appearance of the rubber parts.
It is beneficial to exhaust gas in the cavity, so that the gas in the cavity squeezes into the vicinity of the parting surface.

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