Design of cutting blank

Design of cutting blank

The function of the cut blank is to hold the parison and seal it during the blow molding process. The most noteworthy part when designing the cut blank is the margin left by the two pieces of mold.

If the designed blank of the cut blank is small, the blank will be cut off, resulting in air leakage when blowing the product, so that the product does not meet the design requirements. If the design of the cut blank has a large margin, it will make it difficult for the material to fall off, which will cause difficulties for later work.

When designing the cutting edge distance, only the thickness of the blank and the characteristics of the raw materials can be taken into account to obtain a suitable distance. Generally, the width of the cutting edge is 1 to 2 mm, and the cutting edge angle is 15 to 30 degrees.

The remaining material groove is usually set on the left and right sides of the blank blank cutout, or penetrates on the left and right sides of the blank blank opening. Its size is determined according to the width and thickness of the parison being clamped and clamped, and the mold can be tightly closed.

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