Application of 3D printing technology


Three-dimensional printing technology is a relatively advanced manufacturing technology that gradually began to emerge in the late 1990s. It has achieved outstanding results in research and has been widely used in the field of machinery manufacturing.

The working principle of 3D printing is relatively simple. First, the researchers display the designed blueprint on the computer screen, and then adjust the shape and color of the blueprint according to actual needs. After the adjustment, press the print button, the printer can play a role, quickly Print out the required items. In the process of printing items using a 3D printer, the materials are stacked layer by layer to form the final product.

The three-dimensional printing technology needs to use high-energy beam, and use the more unique inkjet technology to make the metal powder material condense into a cross section, and firmly bond with the previous cross section, and then pile up into a complete part.

The application of three-dimensional printing technology in the preparation of porous metal materials can realize the anisotropy between the pore shapes of the materials and can be arranged along the printing direction. The fusion between the various printing layers is relatively strong, thereby ensuring that the materials have excellent Mechanical properties.

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