A method that allows injection mold manufacturers to reduce mold repairs


Generally, the design life of an injection mold is 300,000 times and 50,000 times require a major maintenance. In addition to the spring thimble rubber ring of the wearing parts, other parts do not need to be replaced during the production cycle. But in fact, the molds are repaired and repaired, and even a set of mass production molds will be repaired 2-3 times a month. Therefore, in the use of tens of thousands of injection molds, it is inevitable that the mold is damaged to repair the mold. Only by trying to shorten the repair time will the production efficiency of the injection mold manufacturer be increased and the cost reduced. The following picture is an example to talk about how to make injection mold manufacturers reduce mold repair!

  • 1. Production control. Similar to the hot runner plugging in the table and the PIN pin stuck to the mold, try to avoid it.
  • 2. Mold maintenance. Normally, the first-level and second-level maintenance in production and the third-level maintenance in the mold repair department should be solidly in place. Whatever the wire drawing dust should be avoided, spring breaks / thimble cards / shoveling of chickens should be avoided.
  • 3. Standardized operating procedures, personnel training and performance evaluation.
  • 4. Strengthen scientific injection knowledge training, try not to hurt the mold in production. Improper parameters such as low-pressure protection settings, mold clamping speed, mold clamping force, injection speed, holding pressure, mold temperature, etc. will greatly damage the mold, which should be paid attention to.
  • 5. Problems in the fetus should be avoided. The design and manufacturing process of the mold is the “pregnancy”. At this time, there can be no problems, otherwise repairs cannot be avoided. For example, the design and materials of 7 major mold systems.
  • 6. Standardization and inventory of wearing parts. Thimble / spring / barrel / guide post / guide sleeve should be unified as much as possible and stocked.
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